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Kate Middleton feels conflicted about royal comeback after William’s warning



Kate Middleton is said to be itching to return to public duty but Prince William is urging her to focus on her recovery, according to a new report.


Kate Middleton feels conflicted about royal comeback after William's warning


An insider has given fresh update on cancer-stricken Kate’s health and her royal comeback, saying the Princess of Wales is feeling conflicted about future appearances as she wants to thank fans, but understands that she needs to take time to fully recover.”She’s been so touched by the letters she’s received and the outpouring of support from all over the world, but at the same time it’s also made her feel slightly guilty and even pressured into giving back to the public who’ve been so supportive,” a source told Closer.

The source adds: “Kate’s feeling incredibly torn as she knows she needs to take time out of the spotlight to focus on her health and be with her family, but there’s also part of her that relies on her royal duties for her mental health and wellbeing since it gives her so much joy.”

On the other hands, Prince William has also urged the future Queen not to rush back and to ensure she takes all the time she needs to rest and recover, insisting “she might regret it if she does and even doing occasional appearances could tire her out.”

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