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Jason Kelce reveals which sport he and Kylie tried to introduce kids Wyatt and Elliotte to… only for them to ‘cry the entire time’: ‘They’re too young still’



While Jason is, of course, an NFL legend, it was a different sport he tried to get Wyatt, 4, and Elliotte, 3, to play this summer.

Presumably realizing that they’re way too young to pull on their pads, Jason instead tried to spark their love for another of his boyhood favorites – ice hockey – before quickly realizing that he was fighting a losing battle.In the latest episode of New Heights alongside brother Travis, Jason began: ‘We’ve got to get back out on the ice, we’ve got to,’ before launching into his hilarious story.

‘Dude, I tried to take Wyatt and Elliotte out for ice skating lessons and it did not go well,’ he revealed. ‘They’re too young still, they were not ready for it… and they cried the entire time.’

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