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Jason Kelce reveals he suffers from a terrible mental illness as a result of playing in the NFL



The interaction began when Kelce made a bold statement about the 1973 Triple Crown winner, Secretariat, alleging that the horse was “juiced to the gills” with steroids. He further emphasized his stance in a lengthy tweet, pointing out the lack of testing in the past and historical evidence of performance-enhancing drugs being used in the 1960s.In response to Kelce’s comments, a Twitter user implied that only individuals suffering from CTE would make such claims without factual evidence. Kelce surprisingly did not refute the suggestion and instead acknowledged the possibility of having CTE.He responded: “I mean I can virtually guarantee that I have CTE, all the research would suggest I have some degree of it. I think it is entirely reasonable to assume I have some degree of that pathology.”

This admission is significant, considering Kelce’s successful 13-year career in the NFL. It sheds light on the issue of CTE within the league, a topic that has been a cause for concern and controversy. The NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell have faced criticism for allegedly downplaying the long-term effects of head injuries on football players.

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