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Jason Kelce DEFENDS Harrison Butker over controversial ‘homemaker’ speech as he claims not enough people talk about importance of family



Butker sparked major controversy earlier this month when he addressed graduates at Benedictine College, after claiming women should prioritize being ‘homemakers’ instead of pursuing careers.’If you’re going to embark on being a parent, I do think it needs to be the most important thing in your life. If your kids aren’t the most important thing in your and your wife’s life, you are failing in my opinion.’I also don’t think women, for the most part, are the issue here. I think there’s a much bigger issue with another gender in terms of raising kids.

‘We’ve played our entire careers with people that we don’t align on with everything. I don’t know I’ve played with one teammate that he and I have agreed with every single thing that each one of us thinks. And that’s the beauty! You find a way to work together.’

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