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Jason Kelce admits embarrassing moment with wife before WrestleMania appearance: ‘I’m not ashamed’



“My biceps are looking good. Look at that picture,” said the elder Kelce when they were reviewing some pics from the Saturday 6 event in Phildelphia, where Jason and former teammate Lane Johnson helped Rey Misterio and Andrade win the fight.Jason immediately added, “That’s just the honest answer, I’m not gonna hide it. I’m not ashamed.” Kelce’s humorous revelation about Kylie’s teasing sheds light on their playful relationship.Despite the lighthearted teasing, Jason and Kylie Kelce share a deep bond and have built a strong family together, welcoming three daughters. Their playful dynamic adds a charming layer to Jason’s public persona, showcasing a side of the former NFL star that fans may not often see.

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