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James Middleton’s newborn son inherited important family heirloom that Prince George, Charlotte and Louis missed out on



When James Middleton’s newborn came into the world, he inherited an important Middleton family heirloom that his cousins Prince George, Charlotte and Louis missed out on – and the reason why is completely understandable. Arthur Michael, Grace Elizabeth Jane and Rose Matthews, with her husband James Matthews. But because both daughters married and took their husbands’ names, none of the Middleton grandchildren had the last name Middleton. Until now that is.James and Alizée moved to their countryside home in Berkshire after meeting by chance back in 2018 and sharing a house in the busy city of London. But they quickly sold up and moved to the countryside where the air is cleaner and the landscape is greener.

Writing in The Telegraph while they were planning their move, James shared, “We are country people and love going out for long walks, but one of the key reasons we wanted to live in the countryside was our six dogs.”

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