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Harry distrust Meghan? After her altercation with William, she called someone else and the revelation has Brits in shock



Harry shared his feelings of being overshadowed by William’s “heir” status, referring to himself as the “spare.” The book delves into a moment where he felt physically assaulted by his brother, which he attributed to William.

Following the confrontation, William allegedly urged Harry not to inform Meghan about the incident. However, instead of confiding in his wife immediately, Harry sought support from his therapist to process his emotions.It was only later that he disclosed the details to Meghan. According to Harry, when Meghan noticed the injuries, she expressed sadness rather than anger, indicating that she wasn’t entirely surprised by the situation.

The altercation is described as a heated argument that escalated into a physical confrontation, with Harry accusing William of making derogatory remarks about Meghan. The incident took place at Nottingham Cottage within the grounds of Kensington Palace. Harry claimed that William initiated the confrontation and displayed irrational behavior, leading to a physical injury for Harry.

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