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Forced to Retire, Ex-College Football Star Calls Patrick Mahomes ‘Overrated’ And Explains Why Josh Allen Could’ve Replicated Chiefs Success



If someone asked you to make a list of the top 5 quarterbacks, whose names would you choose? Names like Lamar Jackson and Tom Brady might come to mind. But what about Patrick mahomes?While many see one of the greatest QBs in him, others feel he is nothing but an overrated gimmick. However, for a moment, let us backtrack to the Chiefs without Mahomes.Alex Smith had been with the team for four seasons, but they still didn’t make it to a single conference championship game. The QB was getting older and his contract had only two more years left. The Kansas City Chiefs had to prepare for the future without him. Eventually, they landed Mahomes, and he was just what they were looking for. The former Texas Tech player was mentored by Smith and it won’t be too bold to say that he is one of the many faces behind the now-star QB’s success. But why does former NCAA player Trent McGaughey think the KCC player is overrated?

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