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Fans Criticize Brittany Mahomes’ Hair Transformation: ‘You Don’t Look Good, Change It’ Backlash



Fans Criticize Brittany Mahomes' Hair Transformation: 'You Don't Look Good, Change It' Backlash

Look what you made Brittany Mahomes do! The Kansas City Current co-owner took to Instagram to tell the world that she’s now a redhead, sharing a series of photos of her feeling her beautiful auburn hair. “Feeling spicy,” she wrote in the caption. It has garnered over 150,000 likes within just a few hours of posting,



Patrick Mahomes reacts to wife Brittany's 'spicy' red hair transformation



which just proves that Brittany is capable of breaking the Predictably, there are also some trolls in the comments who claimed to hate the red in favor of her blonde do, but Brittany probably knows enough to brush them all off. If her response to past criticism is anything to go by, she’s not losing sleep over a few naysayers. “I’m here to tell you people will dislike you, people will love you,” she wrote in an Instagram Story when she received backlash over her Sports Illustrated gig

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