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Exclusive:Taylor Swift cry in public over criticizing She’s facing on social media,if you’re a Real fan of Taylor one calm word for her, it’s time Fans show her love,deep love.



She previously told TIME she had to ditch her “frat guy” ways while on tour … choosing instead to prioritize working out and a sober lifestyle so that she could be in tip-top shape for her nearly 4-hour concerts.

While Taylor might’ve not been boozing toward the beginning of her “Eras” tour — that didn’t last too long … because as we’ve seen over the past several months … Taylor has often had a drink on her for various occasions, especially when around Travis Kelce.Interestingly enough, she also seems to be aware of it — although, in the song, she’s talking about being an “alcoholic” in the past tense … so, presumably, that means she used to drink even more … again, assuming this is meant to be interpreted down to the letter.

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