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Exclusive: Travis Kelce pays $1 million for Taylor Swift’s family to have suite at Super Bowl



Taylor swift and Travis Kelce’s families are apparently getting super close, as they’re planning to watch the big game together from a suite, according to sources from TMZ. And get this, Travis is reportedly footing the bill for the whole shindig like a true gentleman.The suite they’ll be in reportedly costs well over $1 million, but Travis is said to be covering all the expenses just to ensure everyone has a blast on Super Bowl Sunday. In fact, Travis hinted at this generous gesture on his “New Heights” podcast, joking about the amount of money he’s spending on the Super Bowl for family and friends.

It seems like Travis is going all out to make sure everyone has a great time, and it’s clear that he’s making a big impression on the Swift family. There’s been a lot of interaction between the two families over the past year, with Donna cheering alongside Taylor and T-Swift hanging out with her own parents at a game. It’s evident that Travis has been feeling the love and support from both sides.

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