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Exclusive: Taylor Swift Accepts Her Own ‘Fortnight’ Challenge by Sharing Cute Video of Travis Kelce Kiss, Her Cat Benjamin Button & More



Swift herself got the ball rolling with her own #ForAFortnightChallenge video, and she shared quite a few fun glimpses into her life — both personal and professional. From the “Fortnight” set, we see a mirror video of her Post Malone face tattoos as well as a tongue-out selfie with co-star Ethan Hawke.

Highlights of the YouTube Short include a video of her cooking with boyfriend Travis Kelce as he steals a kiss and a belly-up shot of Swift’s youngest cat, Benjamin Button.

We also see her jamming out in the studio, signing autographs, working out, sewing floral fabric, icing cinnamon rolls, playing pickleball with a Kansas City Chiefs paddle while wearing a lavender tennis skirt, blowing out a smoke bubble on an elaborate cocktail and cheersing Aperol spritzes on a boat.

All in all, there are 14 individual scenes – one for each day of her song’s titual fortnight

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