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Exclusive: Mahomes, Kelce Earned Combined $6M From NFLPA Last Year



Patrick Mahomes earned $3.6 million in group licensing and marketing income during the 12 months through February, according to the NFL Players Association’s annual report filed this week with the U.S. Department of Labor. The tally led NFL players and was up 53% from the prior year, when the Chiefs also won the Super Bowl.The earnings are from all group licensing deals, which include those for multiple players negotiated through the NFLPA, such as video games, jerseys and trading cards. Players get paid royalties based on sales of items like jerseys.Many of the listings in the LM-2 report show LLCs that are registered to players—Kelce is TMK Enterprises LLC and Mahomes is 2PM LLC. Most of them are easily decipherable or identifiable from corporate records, but Sportico was unable to pin down the players who ranked fifth and sixth, which are shown as MMBOC LLC ($2.3 million) and SACC 1of1 LLC ($2.2 million).

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