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Emma Roberts admits she’s happy to financially support her three-year-old son



Emma Roberts has recently admitted she’s happy to financially support her son, Rhodes.

Speaking on the latest episode of iHeartPodcast’s Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi, Emma reflected on her relationship with her three-year-old son, Rhodes, whom she shares with former partner Garrett Hedlund.The American Horror Story actress said, “Now that I have been working so long, I can support myself and I can help out other people.”

“And also, with my son, to just know that I can always support him on my own is a very freeing thing that I know is a huge privilege,” remarked the 33-year-old.

Emma mentioned, “Some people can’t and I just always want to encourage people to know that they can try.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, the Holidate actress discussed about feeling “mom guilt” when leaving for work.

“I have such mom guilt. I’m away from my son, working for 12 hours a day and then on the weekend I’m so tired and I feel like I’m not being my best self,” she noted.

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