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Did Taylor Swift Include Nod to Travis Kelce — and Their Friendship Bracelet Beginnings — in ‘Fortnight’ Music Video?



Taylor Swift is no stranger to Easter eggs. At this point she’s practically the Easter bunny, gifting her Swifties with an abundance of little treats with everything she does.

But that means every time she turns around, the fans are analyzing every little thing to see if it means something more than what’s on the surface.

So we ask you, Swifties: Does the closing scene in the “Fortnight” video between Swift and post Malone.Swifties, however, think this could be a subtle nod to the Grammy winner’s boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who wears a gold bracelet that bears a striking resemblance to the merch bracelet. (Though his is sadly not a TTPD bracelet.)Not only did she include a cute clip of Kelce kissing her cheek, she also showed off her baking skills with a tray of cinnamon rolls that former NFL star Bernie Kosar previously revealed the singer had shared with Kelce on game day.

She also played pickleball with a Chiefs paddle and included a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse at her time in Singapore during the Eras Tour with Kelce by her side.

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