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Clip resurfaces of Kylie Kelce on New Heights claiming she can ‘stand her ground’ amid fight with drunk NFL fan in Sea Isle City



With social media buzzing about Kylie Kelce’s hostile run-in with an angry woman in South Jersey, a new clip has resurfaced showing Jason’s wife offering a warning to anyone who messes with her husband.‘Well let me just say I am almost six feet tall and I’m not thin,’ the 32-year-old Kylie tells her brother-in-law during an old episode of the Kelce’s weekly podcast, New Heights. ‘I will hold my ground.’

Then, while gesturing to Jason, Kylie bluntly states: ‘That’s mine.’Kylie can then be heard saying: ‘I can smell the alcohol on your breath, you’re embarrassing yourself.’

Jason clearly takes a backseat as his wife shuts down the ‘drunk’ fan in a video which has gone viral on social media.

Users were quick to leap to Kylie’s defense on X, insisting the woman in question did not have any grounds to harass her and Jason as alleged, nor shout at the couple after being turned down.

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