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Chiefs Celebrate Patrick Mahomes’ 7th Anniversary on the Team with Video of His Triumphs: ‘The Rest is History’



the team in a new video montage showing some of his top moments with the Chiefs.

The video kicked off showing Mahomes, 28, in his Texas Tech football jersey in college before cutting to him in a Chiefs jersey, as audio from his first NFL draft played: “With the 10th pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select Patrick Mahomes.”The montage then cut to big moments that showed him making a name for himself on the team, including running the ball for several yards during one game and some of his historic throws that helped them clinch wins.

The video even showed Mahomes celebrating during one win by dropping down and rolling on the turf in elation.

A shot of Mahomes from what appeared to be his most recent Super Bowl win concluded the video. He could be seen wearing a hat with the Chiefs logo and “Super Bowl Champions” written on top while celebrating the win with his family and team as confetti rained down.

“Seven years ago today, Patrick Mahomes became a Chief. The rest is history,” the team wrote on Instagram.

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