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Camila Redesigned Diana’s $129K Jewelry Wedding Gift That She Had Worn Close to Her Heart, Reports Said



Camila Shand, Queen Consort, has been subjected to some backlash from royal fans after she redesigned Princess Diana’s wedding gift and appeared in public with it. Continue reading to know what the royal fans said about it.

King Charles III and his late ex-wife, Princess Diana, had one of the most controversial marriages. Although the pair were married for 15 years, their union was doomed from the beginning.In due time, the public found out that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce was tied to the former’s affair with Camilla Shand.The Prince and Camilla met in 1970 and started a romance that continued till the former was ready to tie the knot. Unfortunately, as much as Prince Charles could wish it, he could not marry her.

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