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Breaking News: Patrick Mahomes reveals why he won’t attend High School reunion after 10 years



Patrick Mahomes has recently revealed he won’t be attending his 10-year High School reunion.

Speaking to PEOPLE at the 2024 Super Bowl ring ceremony on June 13 held at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Patrick opened up about his upcoming school reunion since he left Whitehouse High School in Texas.“It’s in September. We actually talked about this with my friends last weekend,” said the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Patrick mentioned, “So, it’s 10 years for me, she’s older than me,” while talking about his wife Brittany who had studied from the same school.

Interestingly, Brittany was a sophomore while Patrick was a junior but they were high school sweethearts.

“I won’t be able to celebrate it but I’m gonna send my best wishes to all my classmates,” added the 28-year-old sportsman.

Earlier on Thursday, Patrick and his teammates earned rings after their big win at the Super Bowl 2024

Brittany also poste adorable behind-the-scenes moments from the event on her Instagram Stories the same night.

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