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Breaking News: Kansas City Chiefs star makes Travis Kelce retirement pact ahead of NFL season



The dynamic duo has been instrumental in the Chiefs’ dominance over the past five years, clinching three Super Bowl titles. As Arrowhead Stadium witnesses the rise of what could be a legendary dynasty, defensive titan Jones is keen to see their winning streak roll on.Both stars shone during February’s Super Bowl LVIII, where the 2023 season culminated in a glorious victory for Kansas City against the San Francisco 49ers. With Kelce now aged 34, there’s been much talk about how many seasons he might have left before retirement.Touching on the topic of his teammate’s potential retirement, Jones candidly expressed: “Once you begin to think about things like that, you’re getting to feed the mind those types of thoughts. I don’t even want my mind to even go that far to the R word, He’s got like four or five more years and what is he talking about, right? ‘We can’t let TK go. It’s like we retire, we’ve got to retire together. Give me at least six, four years, then we’ll talk about it.”

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