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Breaking News: ESPN reporter is brutally axed for second time in seven years as he releases cryptic message following departure



On Thursday, Werder, 64, announced the end of his 26-year association with ‘The Mother Ship’ after the network previously laid him off in 2017 before he returned in 2019.

From the tone of his online statement, it sounds like his exit from ESPN wasn’t by mutual decision. Werder first started at the company in 1998. ‘But that time is coming to an end. I will immediately begin considering other opportunities to continue my work covering the NFL.

‘My ESPN career was highlighted by being assigned to cover 20 consecutive Super Bowls and included having my contributions honored at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. […] While this marks the end of my partnership, I expect to continue working because, as so many studio have proclaimed, and I still devoutly believe – ”Ed Werder has more.”’

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