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Bianca Censori is speaking out loud… again!



Bianca Censori is speaking out loud… again!

On Sunday, an Instagram account promoting travel and tourism in the Mediterranean island nation of Malta released footage from a guest lecture Bianca delivered virtually to design students learning under professor Anthony Bonnici at the University of Malta way back in 2022.



More Audio Suddenly Surfaces Of Bianca Censori's Smooth Speaking Voice -- Listen HERE!



During the lecture, the 29-year-old Aussie was joined in the video call by fellow Yeezy architectural designer Tanil Raif. The duo gave a talk to the students who amassed virtually on the subject of primitive futurism and the design principles behind it. And Bianca sounded great — and SUPER knowledgeable!“As designers and architects, we are incessantly chasing the paradigm shift.

We talk about it, we design it, we manifest it. But design in its essence will never be encapsulated by a single aesthetic movement. It is pure nature. We believe the paradigm shift lies in humanizing design. The ability to recognize what it is truly to be a human being living in within a built environment. Understanding the needs we have as a collective and designing for that in the most simplistic and functional way.”

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