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Alabama Barker reveals ‘dear’ aunt’s cancer diagnosis



Alabama Barker, Travis Barker’s daughter whom he shares with Shanna Moakler, is out to help a friend fight cancer.

According to E! News, the 18-year-old revealed that her friend Julie, who she called “dear aunt”, was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.She shared a link to a GoFundMe campaign requesting funds to aid treatment costs, and wrote on her Instagram Story May 26, “It could be an honor if you could donate even $1.”

The fundraising was created by Julie’s twin sister Elizabeth, who wrote that the diagnosis of brain cancer occurred four years following “a hard fight against breast cancer.”

“Unfortunately, the tumor we were praying was benign is metastasis of her previous cancer,” Elizabeth explained of Julie in the description, “and she currently will be recovering from brain surgery + ongoing chemo & radiation for an unknown amount of time.”

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